At DaddysRoad we believe in a broad growth. From interested individuals & organisations proposals are invited for the distributorship of DaddysRoad products aimed at vehicle safety.

Current factors leading to DaddysRoad's public acceptance are; the unique concept of the product and safety highlight which makes the sale process very easy in comparison with any other product. The same parameters will thus be the boosting factors for the larger onfield sales force presence which company is building up in collaboration with other partner companies.

Customer segment: Anybody who owns a motor vehicle.

If you are a company or an individual and is interested in distributorship or franchising or direct sales, send across an email with details at or call at +91 93532 37332.

All distributorship opportunies undertaken by individuals and companies are stricly bind under the clauses mentioned in the distributorship agreement as in here.


North India : Dreamzz Tradewing

Kerala state : FaAz Enterprises (M:8590224400)

Andhra Pradesh & Telangana states: Ms.Ananthalakshmi (M:8639532053)