Why DaddysRoad?

You never know what may happen to the vehicle when you park it and walk away.

You always encounter situations where you wished if things could have been different.

When the unexpected occurs, thats when you would have thought; 'if there was a way around'.

Well... we SOLVE the Problem.

  • Stay connected

    Get notified instantly, upon your vehicle requiring attention. It can be a parking problem, theft, fire or any other threat, hit & run, tow, etc.

  • Whose vehicle?

    We DONT simply display address of vehicle owners. In real-time, we let you communicate with a vehicle owner for reasons related.

  • QR decal tag

    An identity tag for vehicles, letting others know that the vehicle owner can be contacted any time on their phone..

  • Track me

    See on map your loved ones travelling or reaching back from office, school bus, office cabs for pickup, delivery vehicles, field executives on the move, etc.

  • Docs & Reminders

    SSL secured vehicle document vault. Renewal alerts for the vehicle insurance, emission and for other vehicle related services

  • Emergency alert

    Alert notification gets sent to users assigned contacts, upon the vehicle/user facing an emergency situation..


Why QR Decal?

  • Blocking a vehicle? Get notified to move yours.

  • Parking problem? Contact vehicle owner.

  • Get alert before getting towed.

  • Instant family alert upon accident.

  • Fire & other threat; get notified to move your vehicle.

  • Others can inform you in such instances.

  • Forgot to lock? Others can inform you.

  • Get alerted upon a theft happening.


Connecting: Your Vehicle <=> QR Decal <=> your Mobile number
Tag your vehicle with the safety decal available on our store.

  • Individual Vehicle Tagging
  • Employ Vehicle Identification
  • Residents Parking Tag
  • Hotel Guest Parking
  • Managed Parking Facilities
  • Tollbooth Vehicle Tags
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People can Scan or SEARCH with vehicle number on DaddysRoad to NOTIFY the OWNER/DRIVER when a vehicle is:

  • Parked Wrong
  • Blocking the Road
  • Lost or Abandoned
  • Hit and Run
  • Not Locked
  • Tow Alert
  • Fire & Other Threat
  • Accident Alert (inform victims family)
  • Where

    23 states in India
  • We

    1 million+ Users
  • Are

    1.6 million+ Vehicles
Data as on April 2024

Other services

  • Recharge FASTag

    Simplest FASTag recharge service
  • Check FASTag

    Check your NETC FASTag status
  • Traffic Fine

    Pay your traffic violation fines
  • Vehicle Details

    Check the status of vehicle RC
  • License Details

    Check driving license status
  • Vahan Services

    Access vehicle related services
  • Check PUC

    Pollution certificate check
  • VIP Number

    Vehicle VIP number registration
  • Insurance

    Vehicle insurance | Premium
  • Find on Map

    Locate essential services on map

    SOS helpline number
  • Calculator

    Vehicle mileage, Loan & GST

Lifetime Vehicle SAFETY

A one time payment with a life time service validity | Highest level of data security | 100% Privacy

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